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Ups and Downs: Dealing with your emotions.: Ups and Downs The Canadian Cancer Society points out, that both the patient and his/her family ca...
My Michelle: The most important person in my life, my Michelle. I'm sure that she will try to persuade me not ...
Sometimes... Laughter is the best medicine!: My lasted Blog Post- Laughter is the best Medicine! Laugher is the best medicine-It is amazing how ...
Side Effects: Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain?: Side Effects: Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain? Many have asked me, "How are you feeling?" My ans...
My Personal Cancer Journey: My Personal Cancer Journey is a blog that I created to share some of my thoughts, feelings, wonderin...

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November 5, 2019

Newmarket, Canada L3X2A

June 10, 1964

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Esophagus Cancer

August 2

Stage 4


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